From the secular to the faithful

To The Editor:
We’re besieged by commercials: Gifts. Sale. Marked down. And by holiday movies:  Rudolph. The Grinch. A Christmas Story. It’s A Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carol. 

How do we transition from the secular to the faithful?

I always remember visiting a museum in Vienna, Austria. Displayed there is a baby’s crib, made from hundreds of pounds of silver and gold, a gift from the citizens of Paris to the son born to Napoleon and Josephine.

But in Bethlehem, a newborn baby had no crib; He was born in a stable and slept in a manger. And visited by simple shepherds who watched their flocks by night.

The emperor’s son received earthly acclaim. The Son of God was born in humble circumstance. But not even Napoleon could inspire the following of the Christ Child. Nor today can any earthly government compare with His kingdom.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas, I’m Ernest Istook.

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