Fossil fuels or Solar & Wind? (A letter to the editor)

July 17, 2017 

To The Editor: 

Oklahoma petroleum CEOs Harold Hamm and Larry Nichols surely agree with President Trump and most of Congress that continued production of US coal, oil and gas supersedes concerns about global warming and climate change. That puts the US at odds with the recent G-20 summit of the top 20 world economic powers. The meetings in Hamburg, Germany, concluded with a commitment by 19 of those nations to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.
Interestingly, Saudi Arabia now invests more in solar and wind electrical generation than any other country, with China in second place. Do they see the future? Meanwhile, Oklahoma continues to levy America’s lowest gross production tax on oil and gas, and has canceled tax incentives promised to corporations producing wind power in our state.
All the world’s governments, with the exception of the US, are implementing policies supporting the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy sources. They accept the science that production and consumption of coal, oil and gas are the chief cause of global warming and climate change.
Global warming and climate change are greatest threat humanity has ever faced. Is it not high time we saw bipartisan cooperation and collaboration in implementing solutions?
Oklahoma’s future depends on solar & wind energy jobs

Nathaniel Batchelder

Note: Batchelder runs The Peace House in Oklahoma City. 
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